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"We are children of the Earth, until the day we become its Guardians"

To this circle and pack, we welcome you with open minds and hearts.

All fabrics used in I Am Animal clothing are GOTS certified.

This Means that we use only organic fibres and are verified at every stage before certification.
We also use upto 65% less water and regenerative farming techniques while supporting a collective of 16000 farmers across India through our process.
This philosophy also extends into our packaging in which we have completely eliminated the use of paper and non-organic materials.

We encourage you to request for certification from anyone that claims to be supplying organic cotton products in India, Including us.

Certificate Holder:
Rajlakshmi Cotton Mills Pvt. Ltd. 234/3A, Achharya J.C. Base Road Kolkata, 700020, West Bengal Organic CU 020876